Brex for E-Commerce – A Must Have.

Brex for E-Commerce is a new card geared towards online business owners. Whether you’re drop shipping, running a fulfillment store, or designing and selling your own product, Brex offers a truly unique card experience.

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Instead of checking your personal credit, Brex will use factors such as your monthly sales data to get you and your business qualified. In fact, applicants can see up to 75% of their monthly sales volume converted into a credit limit (Up to $5,000,000). This is beneficial when considering inventory and ordering – no longer is relying on profits and your personal credit necessary.

Card holders will also earn rewards, with 1x points on all purchases, even when stretched into 60 day payment terms. There is also zero transaction or annual fees – instead you’ll pay a flat $5 per month for up to five users.

As far as interest goes, here’s where the card becomes very unique. During the 60 day payment term, there is zero percent interest financing on all purchases – just like using cash! Another nice feature is automatic receipt capturing to keep track of expenses. Brex will also report to business credit bureaus – increasing your credit rating.

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